3C Filati

The Company

3C Filati was founded in Prato in 1984 with the passion and competence of Enrico Condemi, Marco Condemi e Andrea Ciardi. In 1991, it began to concentrate on the production of carded recycled fibre yarns, making this the distinguishing characteristic of its market presence.

3C Filati represents the most up-to-date business model of the district. Aware of its social responsibilities and perfectly integrated in the productive dynamics and associations of the district, 3C Filati joined in the creation in 2010/2011 of the Cardato Rigenerato CO2 Neutral mark, today Cardato Recycled, that certifies the measurement of CO2 emissions produced and annuls them by acquiring GREEN CREDITS. Today, 3C Filati is the recognized leader in this special sector of Prato textile that aims to reduce the environmental impact of production by developing avant-garde quality standards.


Among the many approaches to the fundamental theme of sustainability, 3C has chosen to pursue the reduction of the environmental impact of yarn production through the reclamation of previously produced materials and favouring their injection into the recycling process instead of dispersing them.


A reclamation should include emotional components in addition to material because the garments from which the fibre for yarns is extracted have an important life cycle behind them. 3C Filati wants to tell their stories and to extend the tale to the next chapter. Environmental sensitivity has influenced contemporary lifestyles to the point that the sustainability of products has become a value-added asset on the level of design as well. 3C Filati dedicates great attention to the aesthetic and qualitative aspect of its products to offer the market added value that is immediately evident and long-lasting.

Operating structure

3C has adopted the _____________ model, which provides for the presence of the ___________________ processes on its premises and integration of specialized laboratories in the district chain of production for specific phases of production. This structure allows it to provide the market with an accurate research service, sales assistance and logistics. The company is known for the strong point of its warehouse service, with articles and colours always ready for distribution.